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More than a decade ago, I was diagnosed of having a peculiar illness known as Bipolar Affected Disorder. My world as I known it crumbled; I lost my business, then my job and later my sense of purpose. It was during this dark moments I rediscovered the joy of running and writing. Most of the articles here are about my rekindled pleasure of hitting the tarmac, my coming to terms with the illness and my discovery of the meaning of life.

I always on the lookout for inspirations to write in these three areas with the hope that they will shed new ray of hope to others who are in the same position as I am.

Do keep in touch if you feel connected through these essays.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Winning!!! A Guided Tour by Sharudin Jamal

Welcome to Winning!!!  This was initially developed as a training program for a corporate client of mine.  Winning!!! is about effort and result.  What we can control we do our best, what we cannot control we have to let go.  What we can control is the effort, what we cannot control is the result.  Therefore its all based on the ability for us to control both our internal and external resources to achieve the desired outcome.  

Feel free to contact me for the full lesson plan should you want to conduct a training based on this material.
Information + Application = Learning.  Data=>Information=>Knowledge=>Wisdom.

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