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More than a decade ago, I was diagnosed of having a peculiar illness known as Bipolar Affected Disorder. My world as I known it crumbled; I lost my business, then my job and later my sense of purpose. It was during this dark moments I rediscovered the joy of running and writing. Most of the articles here are about my rekindled pleasure of hitting the tarmac, my coming to terms with the illness and my discovery of the meaning of life.

I always on the lookout for inspirations to write in these three areas with the hope that they will shed new ray of hope to others who are in the same position as I am.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lose Fat Stay Fit (ebook on Losing Weight and Being Healthy)

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Esteemed readers,

Have you ever feel disgusted with your physique but are lazy to do something about it?

Do you feel powerless against the temptation of trying to lose weight?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on how to be lean and healthy?

Are you very motivated to take a drastic action towards a better you but don't know where to begin?

Well look no further...

Lose Fat Stay Fit is a compelling book on how to lose weight and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Written from the first hand experience of the author, it takes you on a journey of self realization by sharing with you several proven methods of losing weight and being fit for a lifetime.

You will be exposed to the author's self-hacking by finding out what works and what not in his quest of reducing thirty kg within six months.  You  will learn how to take off the unwanted fat and how to permanently keep it off.  It is an eye-opening discovery when you realize how easy it is  to lose weight and to lead a heathy lifestyle.

Sharudin also put in his twenty-five years experience as a consultant, trainer and coach to guide you in a simple and easy manner to achieve physical success.  No longer will you have to worry about the unsightly bulges that you have been lugging around throughout your lives.  

Presented in a straightforward  yet practical manner, Lose Fat Stay Fit is a must read for those who want to make a drastic change now.  The methods presented will produce guaranteed result within a year if followed accordingly.

In this book you will find:

  • Reasons why people don't act until it's too late
  • Comparison and contrast between different methods of dieting
  • Useful tools to keep you on track with your weight monitoring
  • Practical ways to eat your macros
  • Reasons why it is difficult for people to lose weight
  • Two of the most dangerous foods you shouldn't eat
  • The best remedy to cure cancer
  • Tips on staying on course while dieting
Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

"Think of losing weight as a mean, not an end.  With weight loss comes myriad of opportunities.  You will realize that when you lose the excess fat, you are actually transformed into a different person physically, mentally and emotionally.  Imagine the kinds of possibilities you can do.  You look better, you dress better, you are more athletic and of course your libido is much improved.  Mentally you are more alert, you are focused, you think clearly and your sense of purpose restored.  Nothing can be more satisfying than being fit and healthy at the emotional level.  Food is no longer a crutch.  You no longer eat because you are deprived.  You eat because you require nutrition, not because you are depress or lonely.  This new you will have a higher self-esteem and thus you will attract the right kind of people like magnet.  This is the Law of Attraction; you get what you put in".

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